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The Purchase / Unlocking Process


If on startup you see the notification message below this software has not been purchased or has not had the unlock code applied following purchase. A second message follows indicating the number of days of evaluation remaining. A maximum evaluation period of 30 days is allowed before functionality is prevented from being used. If you wish to continue using the software after 30 days you must purchase the software and obtain a valid unique unlock key. To avoid delays please action the purchase process several days before the expiration of your evaluation period.

The purchase / unlock process is necessary to prevent software theft. Any attempt to circumvent the purchase / unlocking process is software theft. Please note that unlock key tracking is in place as is automatic copying detection / notification. Attempts to circumvent the purchase process will be detected automatically resulting in loss of functionality.

The process is as documented in the unlock window and in detail on the Neuro Innovations web site:

Click on "Help" then "Unlock" to access the unlock screen:

To place an order to obtain your unlock key please visit

To send us your user ref code visit or send the code via eMail stating your name and the product being unlocked

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