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Therapist's Toolkit (PC) 50%+ Discount Package...

Therapist's Toolkit - modern computer enhanced psychotherapyDiscounted bundle for psychotherapists: EMDR Pro + EMDR Multi Pro + EMDR Lite + Bilat bilateral audio generator (all of our main EMDR software products) + NLP Map Across: Smoking / Eating / Drug / Alcohol / Generic aversion + NLP Map Across: Phobias + NLP Fast Phobia Cure / Technique + NLP Swish Lite and Pro + Emetophobia Desensitization Software + Dynamic TFT + Virtual Flight + Flooder desensitization software + Vivo + Instant Audio + Tasker + Hypno Info Database + shared / add-on multimedia library + Installation CDs + Instant download.
Only £157.50 / $246 / €180, a saving of approx £250 / $400 USD / €300.00.
More about the Therapist's Toolkit...
EMDR Multi Pro

EMDR software

EMDR Multi Pro is cut-down, multi-platform version of EMDR Pro designed for use by therapists or for guided home use. The use of a tracking image, a background image, beep audio and background audio all remain present. EMDR Multi Pro is also part of our Therapists Toolkits. EMDR Multi Home is a cut-down, multi-platform, lower cost version of EMDR Multi Pro and is designed for guided home use only.
More about EMDR Multi Pro EMDR software... | More about EMDR Multi Home EMDR software...

Map acrossPhobia treatment: NLP desensitization software

Let go of spider / mouse / rat / snake / social phobias quickly and easily. The NLP Map Across technique is used to associate a feared stimuli with the image of something silly and safe. A multimedia version of the NLP Fast Phobia Cure Technique is also included. Also includes a free (fun) spider phobia reduction utility. *You can now select your own images / sounds and save / load settings. *English/German language. More about phobia treatment software...

NLP SwishMood change / Phobia treatment: NLP Swish pattern software

Swish can help breakthrough old thinking patterns. Therapists: Tired of explaining the Swish pattern to effect rapid changes in thinking? Let these tools do the work for you. *English/German language (*PC Only). (PC/*Mac) More about NLP Swish software...

Aversion softwareAversion therapy software

Break habits... Use advanced NLP Map Across techniques to install lasting aversive responses. (PC/Mac) More about our aversion software for aversive therapy...

Hypnotherapy Knowledgebase

Hypnotherapy Knowledgebase

LCCH / University of West London Lecturer Bill Frost has developed a summary meta-database of approx 100 core hypnotherapeutic inductions, deepeners and techniques at CPPD/Certificate and PGCert/Diploma levels. The searchable database includes bullet-point top-level summaries of scripts, style / type, suggested usage, contraindications, ethical issues, related cognitive behavioural / psychodynamic principles, hypnotic phenomena involved, associated theories of hypnosis and more. (PC)

Flooding phobia / combat / ... desensitisation utility!

"Flooder" does everything that Vivo does (ie gradual presentation of a phobic image) as well as enabling classical phobia flooding using multiple phobic images or a single image. Any number of feared images can zoom onto or off the screen in rapid succession. Suitable for desensitisation or aversion. Includes a free combat desensitisation module that emulates war experiences using multi media simulations. More about systemic and flooding desensitization, and combat desensitisation software...

Dynamic TFTAnxiety treatment: Dynamic TFT utility

The Dynamic TFT utility guides a user through the often complex process of tapping on specific points. The interactive instructions are contained within 30+ different screens that show the user exactly what to do and when. (PC) More about TFT software...

Free phobia desensitization utility

Vivo is a totally free, very simple software utility to to help with systemic presentation of images to a patient as part of an image based in vivo desensitization psychotherapy process. (PC)

Flying Phobia Treatment Software Resources

Therapist's Toolkit - modern computer enhanced psychotherapy25% Discounted Flying Phobia PC Pack: EMDR Multi Home + Virtual Flight + NLP Phobias + NLP Swish.
Only £47.25 / $77 / €56, a saving of approx £15 / $25 USD / €18.
More about the flying phobia treatment discounted pack...

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EMDR software and hardware for PTSD, trauma, addiction, phobias, anxiety, stress... treatment

EMDR Pro is a Windows based EMDR software system that has been designed by EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) / EMI (Eye Movement Integration) / RET ('Rapid Eye Technology') Clinicians to automate the generation of EMDR eye movements via software thereby allowing the psychotherapist to focus on the psychotherapy itself. EMDR Pro is also suitable for guided home use by clients. More about EMDR software and hardware...

EMDR Software

Flexible, easy to use and powerful
Designed for multi-screen or single screen use
English / Spanish / *French / *Chinese language support
Visual / Auditory / Kinaesthetic tracking modes
Wave / circle / figure of eight / ... tracking modes
Modality crossing for EMI therapists
Play CD / music files / sound loops in the background
Play 2 background audio files at the same time
Bilateral panning for all sounds
Record biaural sounds
Record and play ambient background audio
Library of sounds / images
Select your own images / audio
Preview images / audio before selection
Slide-show multiple backgrounds
Slide-show multiple tracking images
Use your client's photos
Track through onscreen video-clips
Semi subliminal text
Save multiple treatment profiles
Multi-screen / extended desktop support
Facilitates CBT desensitization
Can help with many disorders
Low frequency audio support
EMDR psychotherapy session forms
300 MB of audio / image files online
800 MB of image / audio / video files on installation CD
Built-in binaural sound support (playing / generating)
Tactile units / tappers for professional users

EMDR Therapy Software

The Eye Movement therapies eg Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) are powerful and relatively new forms of psychotherapy that challenge everything we assumed about emotions, emotional stress and the change process itself.

In the past it was perhaps accepted that psychotherapy often required years of treatment. Therapists and clients now are finding that issues that resisted years of psychotherapy can now be resolved very rapidly. Sometimes, within a few EMDR sessions.

Our range EMDR software helps therapists to make the most of all EMDR protocols and includes visual, auditory and kinesthetic tracking modes.

EMDR Audio MP3 Instant Downloads

We have released 3 high quality MP3 recordings of bilateral EMDR audio consisting of 24 reps of a piano note beep recorded at 3 speeds. Also available as an MP3 or traditional audio CD. More about instant MP3 therapy downloads...

Bilateral audio generatorFree trial EMDR bilateral audio generator!

Bilat is a free, very simple EMDR software utility that converts any sound file or CD audio track into bilateral EMDR audio (sound that pans from left to right and back again). (PC) More about bilateral audio EMDR software...

Neuro Innovations in the Media

Our EMDR software has been featured in the BACP's Counselling children & young people journal, the National Council of Psychotherapists Journal & the BBC's Am I Normal TV series.

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