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The Problem

You have recognized the value of reciprocal linking for your website and have a page on your website with links to sites that you have exchanged links with. On an infrequent basis you check to see if your link is still present and frequently find that it is not. You then have to update your site and temporarily remove their link and let the manager of the other site know what needs to happen for their link to return. The process is time consuming and you probably avoid doing so. Unscrupulous website owners know this and sometimes only keep your link on their site for a few days. This can have a negative impact on your site's visibility.

The Solution

The Reciprocal Link Manager from Neuro Innovations automates this entire process via a combination of code running on your website (optional) and software that runs on your PC. You don't have to update anything or manually upload anything or check any of the reciprocal sites. The software manages the entire process for you.

We use this software ourselves to manage the reciprocal links for all of the sites that we own or help manage.

Reciprocal Link Manager can be used in a wide variety of ways eg a web form populates an online database that is then downloaded / validated / uploaded by this software OR more simply, link exchange requests are received by eMail and are processed manually (no download) and new records are added to the PC stored database manually and html output is uploaded manually.

The software supports use with standard reciprocal linking programmes and 3 way linking programmes.

Technical Skill Requirements

  • To use the Perl sample code to automate addition to a text database behind your site you need a Perl enabled site, the ability to use SSIs is an advantage
  • To use the download / upload facilitiy you need ftp access to your site(s) and the ability to specify ftphost / data and html folders / ftp userid / ftp password via options, you will also need to able to read the ftp responses to determine if the upload / download was completed eg "File uploaded"
  • The ability to edit html and copy / paste files if you want to use the template export option

Apart from the above there are no other technical skill requirements as such. Complete novice computer users may experience a steep learning curve. If required we can help you to setup your site and can edit the template files so that output has the same style as your existing site. (Fees on request).

What does the software do exactly?

Link Harvesting / Sending invitations to link exchange

The Reciprocal Link Manager can help you if you would like to increase the number of people that exchange links with you. The process is:

  • You find a site similar to yours that has a reciprocal links page
  • You select the Harvester tab in the Reciprocal Link Manager and enter the web address of the page that you want to harvest links from
  • The software then extracts all of the links from the page, populates title, description and eMail fields by reading each site in turn, you manually populate missing fields and then software then sends out invitation eMails

The process: Download > Validate > Notify > Export > Report > Upload

Data Download

Batch ftp is used to download one or more data files from one or more web servers (there is a maximum of 95 files that can be specified). (You can add your own batch tasks to the process if required).

Link validation

The software checks that your site is still present on their site and gives you the opportunity to investigate broken links and instances where your link is no longer present. Possible results are:

  • OK (Your site is present)
  • OK NF (Present but page contains no follow tags)
  • Missing (Your site is absent)
  • Unable to read (Their site or the reciprocal link page was missing at the time of reading)

eMail notification

You can then instruct the software to send our eMail notifications to those that have stopped linking to you. You can edit the eMail template used.

Data export

The software exports either the whole dataset (with non-linkers marked) or only a dataset including sites that are still linking to you. A number of export formats are automatically generated depending on how you intend to use the results on your website. These formats are:

  • Raw text, character separated data
  • Simple html (for use with an SSI {Server Side Include})
  • html based on a template into which the linking code is written
  • JavaScript document.write code

Data files and html output files can be stored in different folders.

Problem site reporting

If you wish a report can be generated detailing which sites have stopped linking to you for future reference.

Data upload

The software uses batch ftp to re-upload the data files and output files back up to your web servers. (You can add your own batch tasks to the process if required).

Other facilities

Other capabilities include:

  • Supports data with or without the title field, data column order can be specified in options. The data structure would look something like:
    • Site URL (Must be in first column)
    • Title (Optional)
    • Description
    • Reciprocal link URL
    • eMail address for site
    • Category
    • Status
  • Option to not validate 'friend' sites
  • Search / Search and replace
  • Generate a new database
  • Add / remove rows
  • Edit rows - view reciprocal link page / download and view page code
  • Sort / dedupe
  • Proxy server access to the web is supported (but untested)
  • Autosize columns / change column widths

Sample Perl code for your website

Sample Perl code for your website is provided (add link / display current list of valid links - supports multiple categories)

  • Displays all OK {tested} / Untested rows
  • Forces the user to enter the character in the image
  • Ensures a valid eMail address is entered
  • Checks that the reciprocal link exists
  • Checks that the recip link is not the same as the site being submitted
  • Checks that the submission is not a duplicate
  • If all is well the data is then added to the database and a thanks page is displayed. A backdoor admin password is provided to allow for most of the checks to not take place.

Other examples of a similar approach include:

Hands free automated operation

You have the option to run the software in "hands free" mode. After downloading the databases there is no further required user input until the upload stage. You specify the databases to work with, what you would like to happen eg download / validate / export / upload and the software does the rest allowing you to do something else.

Version history

  • V1.0 - 9 Mar 2010 - first non-beta release - includes 20 page manual
  • 21 Mar 2015 - Update to facilitate installation on systems with Korean / Japanese / Chinese system character sets

Installation Requirements

The system operates with the following versions of Windows

  • Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
  • Vista
  • Windows XP (Home or Pro)
  • Windows XP Media Centre Edition 2005
  • Windows NT 4 (With service pack 6a or later applied)
  • Windows ME
  • Windows 2000 (With service pack 2 or later applied
  • Windows 98
  • MAC compatibility depends on the level of Windows emulation installed for PC version

The software does support use on XP/Vista/W7 Netbooks but we advise against it given the processing that the software undertakes.

Clearly internet access is required.

Not available on the Mac platform at the moment.

How much does it cost? How do I get it?

Online: Click here to access our secure online store to purchase and download

This product is not part of the Therapists Toolkit but does count as a discount towards a Toolkit purchase.

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