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Binaural sounds also known as LFA or low frequency audio (V5.3+)

In the main GUI

Binaural sounds are sounds that are perceived within the mind when listening to combinations of sound frequencies. The effects range from feeling alert through to very relaxed depending on the combination of frequencies being played. Binaural sounds are also often known as "low frequency audio" or "mind sync audio".

Panning and smooth start do not apply to to Binaural sounds and the volume is set at whatever the system volume is. It is therefore important to ensure that the system volume is set as low as possible before playing Binaural sounds. A slider to control the system volume has been provided (Windows 2000+).

To play a Binaural sound click on the "Wave" icon, select a file and click on OK. To stop playing a Binaural sound click on the round "Stop" icon. There are many sample files provided.

The inbuilt binaural sound generator

Top of window - Misc options

Type - List of check boxes

Type (Drop or Slide - Slide holds the beat frequency constant whilst dropping the carrier tone from the initial value right down to 0Hz. "User" allows the user to directly edit the current profile manually

Result box

Sound profile - code that describes the sound that will be played

Filename box

Current filename to save profile to

Icon - generate

Generate sound profile - generates a code that describes the sound that will be played (triggered automatically whenever there is a change)

Icon - test

Test profile by loading and playing

Icon - stop test

Stop playing profile test

Icon - save

Save to file using existing filename

Icon - save as

Save to file using new filename

Icon - save as wave file

Save to .wav file file using new filename to C:\CS\Shared\Audio\Binaural\

Scroll bar - system volume

System volume

Icon - Exit and play

Exit and play in EMDR Pro

Area 1 - Drop options

Check box - timings

Select non-standard timings (the default is 30 mins if not selected)

Scroll bar - droptime

Drop time (mins) - overall playing time

Scroll bar - holdtime

- Hold time (mins)

Scroll bar - waketime

- Wake time (mins)

Scroll bar - level

Level frequency 200Hz (00 to 2Hz (99 Carrier frequencies from 200Hz (00 down to 2Hz (99. Later levels (lower frequencies) require headphones that can reproduce really deep bass frequencies, ideally down to 10Hz or lower.

List of check boxes - depth

Depth - selects the depth of the beat frequencies Deeper beats (later letters are supposed to be better

Check box - slide

Slide - when selected there are no steps and the frequencies smoothly and gradually change throughout the whole session

Area 2 - Slide options

Scroll bar - duration

Duration in mins

Scroll bar - carrier frequency

Carrier wave frequency

Scroll bar - beat

Beat frequency - the sound that you experience internally - lower frequencies generate more relaxation. Note: The lowest frequencies may not be audible on your system.

Area 3 - Shared options that apply to drop and slide types

Scroll bar - tone volume

Tone volume

Scroll bar - beat volume

Beat volume

List of check boxes - tones

Tone options - tones are faded in and out at the start and end of the session

Check box - mix

Select a sound file to mix with - selects mix as the tone automatically MP3/Wav files must be 16-bit stereo files. MP3/Wav support is experimental and playing stops when the sound ends. OGG sound files can be looped. (See below for conversion process).

Bottom of window - Play exisitng profile

Icon - load and play

Load existing profile and play

Icon - load play stop

Stop playing loaded profile

Bottom of window - Convert ogg file to looped ogg file

Icon - load and play

Load existing ogg file and play

Icon - play / pause

Play / pause loaded ogg file

Button - convert

Convert into a looped ogg file and save to C:\CS\Shared\Audio\Binaural\ogg-loops

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