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The most common questions and issues are answered on this page. We have now implemented a more complete product support FAQ section and would love to hear your views and feedback. We also now have a change request form to allow you to send in change requests for "wish list" requests and to report "bugs" for investigation.

Remote Treatment: Can EMDR Multi Pro / EMDR Pro be used with Skype to facilitate remote treatment?

Yes: by making use of the free screen / window sharing facility in Skype, possibly Zoom / Google Hangouts / ...

For instructions click on the links below

Limitations: There can be significant bandwidth and timelag (latency) issues when using Skype etc in this way that can cause audio and video to be "choppy".

To minimise these issues:

  • close down other programs at both ends of the call
  • don't use Skype video at the same time as screen sharing
  • use the bounce facility in EMDR Multi Pro / EMDR Pro
  • connect the web via an Ethenet cable for maximum speed
  • In EMDR Multi Pro / EMDR Multi Pro enable "bounce" mode if the tracking speed is not fast enough or is too chaotic due to bandwidth / timelag (latency) issues
  • Generally slow down the tracking speed

The more obscure the screen sharing service the more likely it will be to not be over-subscribed. Over-subscribed services may be unusably slow at times.

System volume levels

The overall system volume and volume levels for specific applications are set via Windows as follows:

Playing unusual audio (eg OGG) / video formats (eg MP4)

If you wish to play sounds such as OGG files and video files such as MP4 files your system will need to updated with additional CODEC files. CODEC files allow your system to read non-standard file formats. The software FFD show is a library of CODECs to enable a wide variety of audio / video formats to be played / displayed. Click here to download.

How do I find out what my unlock codes are?

To see a list of the unlock codes assigned to you please use this utility on our user support utilities page or let us know. The userid and password are the same as those that you use to access downloads. Specially discounted purchases or other non-standard licensing or purchasing arrangements are not covered by this utility. If afected you will need to get in touch with us or see your eMail archives for unlock eMails previously sent to you.

Unlocking - all products

You are entitled to 1 free additional unlock code per product as part of the basic licence fee. This additional code must be for for your use only on a system that you personally own and are the main user of.

Unlock keys are user and machine specific. The user code must therefore be sent from the machine that you wish to install the software on and when logged in with your userid. You need administrator rights when installing most software therefore increase your access rights rather than logging in as the administrator. If you don't, the user code that you send us will be for the administrator account rather than for your account.

Installation generally

Most products require the presence of the Dot Net Framework. If the framework is not present on your system already you will be informed during the installation process. If the framework has yet to be installed you will need to install it before installing our products. A download link will have been sent to you.

I can't run MSI installation files (Some versions of Linux / some versions of Mac Windows Emulators), I can run exe files

Just let us know which product you're trying to install and we will send you an exe setup file. The exe setup files are also present on the installation CD as of May 19th 09.

(Program name) has stopped working

The resulting detailed error report may contain the word "CLR20r3".

Install "Dot Net Framework 1.1 + SP3" using the links and installer that we provide

"This program requires flash.ocx, which is no longer included in this version of Windows" (Early builds of Windows 7 only)

May affect parts of the "Emetophobia pack".

Install the flash player starting the the earliert version that will install. We can provide links to "install_flash_player_10_active_x.exe".

EMDR Multi Pro / Home - older Macs installations only

Some of the earlier installers that we used did not set the access rights correctly for one of the folders being installed. This resulted in "Unable to load tracking image" messages being displayed even though the installation was to the default location and the tracking images were present. The installer has since been corrected.

This is how to correct the issue after installation:

  • control + click over "Macintosh HD:CS"
  • select "Get info"
  • click on the lock (bottom right hand side) so you can change the permissions
  • give yourself read and write permissions
  • click on the asterisk like icon at the bottom of the Info widow to the right of the "-" minus sign
  • click on "Apply to enclosed items" and click on "OK"

Uninstalling a product to install the latest version

Before uninstalling ensure that you have downloaded the latest version. For the download link please refer to the eMail that we sent you after purchase. Autoupdate is the most effective way of getting and installing the latest version of whatever you have installed.


  • Click on "Start" (Bottom left hand side of your desktop)
  • Click on "Control Panel"
  • Click on "Add or Remove programs"
  • Find the product you wish to uninstall (they generally begin with "v")
  • Select the product and click on "Remove"
  • Follow the onscreen instructions

Vista / WIndows 7-8

  • Click on "Start" (Bottom left hand side of your desktop)
  • Click on "Control Panel"
  • Click on "Programs and features"
  • Find the product you wish to uninstall (they generally begin with "v")
  • Select the product and click on "Remove" or "Uninstall"
  • Follow the onscreen instructions


EMDR Pro for PCs has its own support page. Click here for details...

Tactile Units - What if they get damaged and need repair / servicing?

For servicing and recycling options please see the Tactile Unit page. More...

Blank user reference code in the unlock Window

Reported in some XP systems: The user reference code in the unlock Window is blank and a windows error box appears when opening the unlock window.

Click here for instructions to resolve this issue

How to repair a projector

This example shows the repair and dissassembly of an Optoma DS325...

How to predict screen / monitor failure and evaluate symptoms

Screen / monitor symptoms:

  • Red / orange tinge at start-up, then the screen seems fine
  • Cracking / hissing / high pitched noise, screen still working
  • Louder sounds, an unpleasant smell, screen still working
  • Loud pop, unpleasant small and a blank screen

If the above screen / monitor symptoms are familiar then click here to learn more...

Windows 7 Advice

Setting volume levels for each application

Why no free demos?

Most of our products are designed to facilitate psychological treatment and by definition are generally used on a short-term basis as part of a change process. Given that change can occur very quickly (sometimes in a matter of hours) we cannot provide free evaluations. There are also substantial ethical issues that uncontrolled distribution of psychological-change software raises.

System Maintenance

Here are some system maintenance tasks that should be performed on a regular basis that can speed-up a slow system.

Disk check and repair

NB The order of the following is important:

  • system disk (C:) checkdisk and repair
  • disk cleanup to remove unnecessary files especially temp internet files and temporary files (do NOT compress old files)
  • disk defragmentation (close all programs before running and don't use the system when running - will take several hours)

Use: Start > (My) Computer > Select C: > Properties > Tools

Virus scan using a stand alone once-off scanner


Log check

Use: Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Event viewer > System (Look for hundreds of red entries, a few "service" related entries are fine)

Look at processes currently running

Use: Press: Control / Alt / Delete to start Task Manager, then click on "Processes", observe for a few mins and see what is most active when all programs are closed

Identify and deal with failing hardware

Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Device manager (A problem device will be hilited in red)

Shutdown periodically

If you are in the habit of keeping your computer in sleep-mode for long periods of time occasionally stutdown, wait 20 secs, then restart.

How to open dmg files on Macs when nothing seems to happen when opening

There are a number of possible solutions depending on where you are in the process.

DMG (Disk Image) files do not auto open with some versions of OSX. You need to double click on the downloaded file to mount the disk and then double click on the Disk icon on the desktop to open the disk in a new finder window.

The disk icon will not appear on the desktop if finder preferences are set to not display external disks. The disk will generally appear in finder, to the left hand side.

Sometimes DMG files do not open when clicked on. The advice on the forums seems to be "hold down the control key when you click on the .dmg file then select open. This should give you a window to "allow anyway".

Once the DMG file is mounted and open you can drag the app to whatever folder.

To open the applications folder quickly on OSX press Command+Shift+A at the same time.

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