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The mini menu to the right is present when in setup mode. The "Background Colour" button sets the backgound colour, the area to the left sets the preset image colour and shape.

  • "O" = Round
  • "[]" = Square / rectangular

Background Colour

Displays a dialogue enabling a wide variety of colours to be selected.

After selection the change will be visible immediatly.

Red / Green / Blue / ... Preset Image Colour

A number of preset colours are available to select from. They have been preselected on the basis of best quality screen representation. (Some colours are not well suited to high speed animation and can cause image distortion).

After selection the change will be visible instantly.

NB: To add more colours copy c:\CS\vEMDR\Image\System\Black.gif to a different name and edit using any image editor. (Advanced users only).

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