Therapists toolkit (PC/Windows Bundle) 50+% Discount

This package is discounted by 50%+ to £157.50 GBP (Approx $258 / €180)

Problem: You are a busy cost-aware psychotherapist or psychology educator and you want all the psychotherapy software tools you need as a professional therapist to be instantly available to you in a few clicks.

Solution: Our "all-in-one" Therapist Toolkit package is designed for busy professional psychotherapists or psychotherapy educators that want to have a wide variety of visual tools at their disposal quickly and easily. The package is heavily discounted down to £157.50 / approx $250 USD or 180 Euros and includes all of our therapy related PC software products.

The Psychotherapists Software Toolkit (PC only)

56 percent discountThe Therapist's Toolkit (image below and to the right) automates the licensing of individual programs included in the bundle and provides an easy way to run any of the programs. All software within the Toolkit package must be installed before the Toolkit program may be opened. A single user/machine licence or *multi user/machine licence is available (*in blocks of up to 5 users/machines per licence).

All of the following Neuro Innovations programs are included with only one purchase and one unlock code being required - if you purchased the modules separately they would cost about £400.00 GBP - you save about £250 GBP / approx $400 USD or 300.00 Euros. If you have already purchased software from us in the past you may be able to save even more (see below for details):

Updates for the Toolkit package itself and all modules within the Toolkit package are provided free of charge. This means that when new modules are updated or added to the Toolkit you do not have to pay to get access to that update. When a product is removed from the bundle the capacity to unlock that product will be removed as and when the Toolkit is updated.

Our products are forms of software based psychotherapy training and delivery. As such psychological change as a result of learning about or using a particular technique cannot be guaranteed. Our standard terms and conditions apply to this bundle.

Installation support via email is free of charge.

Therapists Toolkit

The Therapists Toolkit installs and provides rapid access to all of the following modules... Click here for a screenshot...


Convert any PC or laptop into an advanced EMDR machine. Track in any direction, using any modality, include bilateral background audio, add bilateral beeps, use any background image, use multiple background images in a slide-show, track using a pre-defined object or any image you like, even include video footage. Includes 170+ sample EMDR treatment settings files. More... (EMDR Pro software demo on YouTube)

EMDR Multi Pro

EMDR Multi Pro for Windows is a simplified version of EMDR Pro. Use any image as the tracking image, use a background image, change background colours, select from preset tracking images and patterns, select from a variety of beep sounds or provide your own, select from a variety of background sounds or provide your own, and more... More...


EMDR Home is a cut down version of EMDR Pro suitable for use by clients to continue treatment when back at home. (EMDR Home installation is not required in order to use the Toolkit). More...


EMDR Lite is a highly simplified form of computer based EMDR that guides a user through the EMDR process. Suitable as a method of demonstrating the EMDR treatment process. Includes a free web based version. More...

Bilat bilateral audio generator

Convert any audio (including CD audio) into bilateral audio. (Sound that tracks from left to right). More...

NLP Map Across Aversion

Links user specified aversive stimuli with a user specified image (any image / any sound {Non progressive jpg images / 1 x 7 sec max mp3 audio files}). Includes sample sounds / images. The user can also save / reload settings. More...

NLP Map Across: Smoking aversion

Links aversive stimuli with a smoking image. Includes a medically aversive mini-flooder, an NLP Map Across utility that allows you to instantly select from 13 cigarette pack images and a utility to play anti-smoking videos (11 provided). More...

NLP Map Across: Eating aversion

Links aversive stimuli with foods. (Chocolate / fries (chips) / cake / sugar / burger). Also includes a mini aversive flooding utility and a utility to play healthy eating related videos (7 provided). More...

NLP Map Across: Drugs aversion

Links aversive stimuli with drug use images. (Joint / pipe / foil). Also includes a mini aversive flooding utility and a utility to play anti-drug use videos (10 provided). More...

NLP Map Across: Alcohol aversion

Links aversive stimuli with alcohol images. (Wine / beer / spirits [Whiskey / Gin / Vodka]). Also includes a mini aversive flooding utility and a utility to play anti-alcohol abuse videos (10 provided). More...

NLP Map Across: Phobias / Fast Phobia Technique / Cure

Links safe / calming / silly stimuli (duck quacking) with a feared image. (Covers rodents / needles / spiders / social situations). Fast Phobia Module includes images covering snake, social, rodent (mouse) and spider phobias, and demonstrates the process for all other phobias using a white screen. A new 'advanced' module enables you to select your own images and sounds. {Non progressive jpg images / 1 x 7 sec max mp3 audio file} More...

Virtual Flight

A slideshow multimedia simulation of the flying experience for flying phobia desensitization purposes. Consists of approx 100 high quality photographic images and associated flying audio including inflight announcements. The flight is broken down into 18 segments for ease of desensitisation. More...

NLP Swish Lite

Guides the user through the NLP Swish pattern to change moods etc. The therapist can change the default images. Sounds are fixed. More...

NLP Swish Pro

A computer based form of the NLP Swish pattern. Allows the therapist complete control over images / sounds, speed and positioning. More...

Vomit Kit - Emetophobia Desensitization Software

Enables gradual desensitisation to the sounds and images associated with vomiting and nausea. Originally designed for use with children. (Now also Vista / Windows 7 compatible) More...

Visual TFT

Guides the user visually through the process of using Thought Field Therapy (TFT) as used for anxiety reduction. More...

Flooder - flooding desensitization software

Zooms a series of images towards or away from the user. Used for flooding desensitisation. The user can stop the process instantly and can alter the speed of image presentation at any time. Includes combat / war desensitisation multi media module and resources. More...

Vivo - gradual desensitization software

Enables the therapist to very, very gradually display an image on the screen to enable systemic desensitization. More...

Instant Audio - Instantly play audio clips

Enables the therapist to play audio loops and clips instantly with one click so you perfectly synchronize appropriate audio with what you are saying eg for anchoring, aversion or desensitization applications. More...

Tasker - CBT tasking automation

Enables the therapist to maintain their own list of common tasks and to email some or all of those tasks to patients quickly. The task list can also be printed. Ideally suited to CBT therapy. More...

"Hypno Info" - Relaxation Technique / Hypnotherapy Knowledgebase

"Hypno Info" Hypnotherapy Knowledgebase: A database of hypnotherapeutic inductions, deepeners and techniques for use by therapists eg when planning sessions or for use by hypnotherapy students to gain a better understanding of core topic areas including underlying theories, usage, contraindications and more. NB Does not contain full scripts. More...

Online access + Installation CD including the shared user created media library

This package includes an installation DVD/CD that contains all of the above modules plus the shared user multimedia library. The shared media library contained 2,600+ files (Approx 940+ MB). Multimedia images for psychotherapy categories... Images / photos for use by psychotherapists preview...

Online access + Installation CD for the Add-on Multimedia Image (Audio/Video) library

This package includes the Add-on Multimedia Library provided by Neuro Innovations. The Add-on Library greatly extends the range of the shared user multimedia library and contains 4,000+ images and 55+ audio / video files as a bonus (Approx 850+ MB). Online access is provided to download images and an installation DVD/CD is also provided for installation and merging into the shared multimedia library. Multimedia for therapists - image categories... Images / photos for psychotherapy preview...

Software Installation CD

You can install the products via instant download and you are also sent an installation DVD/CD in the post which includes software / large audio / image / video libraries.

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Usage guidelines and software / technique training

A variety of guidelines and usage notes in terms of how to use the tools within the Toolkit are available. Further 1:1 assistance is also provided on request. More...

Existing client ADDITIONAL discount - Discount data updated 26 Feb 2014

Existing clients of Neuro Innovations can offset all of their past orders against the cost of the Therapists Toolkit with a maximum additional discount of £145 GBP (ie you pay £5 GBP + postage only for the upgrade). All additional discounts have been calculated on an individual client by client basis. One discount per client is permitted and the discount may not be transferred to anyone else.

All of these custom orders are processed manually to ensure that the right person receives the right level of discount - up to 97%. As a result the download eMail will be manually sent within 24-48 hours of the purchase, often much sooner. An installation CD will follow in the post. The purchase needs to be made using the same PayPal eMail account that was used to make your original purchase(s).

To see how much the Therapists Toolkit has been discounted specially for you just enter the eMail address that you used when making your original payment(s) or the eMail address that we used when sending you unlock codes and press the "Get price" button below. (Not case sensitive). You could save up to £145 GBP, a saving of 97%.

If your record appears to not exist when it should or you don't know which eMail address you used with PayPal then let us know and we will send you a link by eMail to access your discount.

Client Side Scripting needs to be enabled in your browser settings. Please alter this setting and try again. More...

Installation Requirements

The system operates with the following versions of Windows

  • Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
  • Vista
  • Windows XP (Home or Pro)
  • Windows XP Media Centre Edition 2005
  • Windows NT 4 (With service pack 6a or later applied)
  • Windows ME
  • Windows 2000 (With service pack 2 or later applied)
  • Windows 98

The software does support use on XP/Vista Netbooks.

Version History

  • 10 Oct 07 - V1.0 - Initial release
  • 5 Nov 07 - V1.1 - Automated sending user codes / improved unlock screen appearance
  • 4 Jun 08 - V1.2 - Improved usability by making the overall unlocking process easier to understand
  • 10 Jun 08 - V1.3 - Made the entire process of installing / unlocking novice-user-proof
  • 05 Aug 08 - V1.4 - Integrated vMA Aversion into the toolkit
  • 9 Sept 08 - V1.5 - Integrated Virtual Flight into the package
  • 4 Oct 08 - V1.6 - Integrated Autoupdate into the Toolkit to facilitate rapid downloading / installation / update
  • 5 Oct 08 - V1.7 - Improved layout / wording for the unlocking window
  • 14 Oct 08 - V1.8 - Improved internal efficiency
  • 27 Dec 08 - V1.9 - Integrated Instant Audio player into Toolkit
  • 19 Feb 09 - V2.0 - Cumulative update
  • 18 May 09 - V2.1 - Required updated due to change to EMDR Pro
  • 14 Jan 2010 - V2.2 - Addition of icons indicating when to wait whilst the Toolkit eg unlocks sub products
  • 2 Feb 2010 - V2.3 - Change to enable silent reinstallation via autoupdate
  • 5 Mar 2010 - V2.4 - Improved color scheme, removal of error when tring to run autoupdate when autoupdate is not installed, faster closing
  • 1 Nov 2010 - V2.5 - Routine update
  • 21 Jan 2010 - V2.6 Integration of EMDR Multi Pro
  • 18 May 2011 - V2.7 Integration of "Hypno Info" - Hypnosis Information Database / Hypnotherapy Script Knowledgebase (The ability to unlock the hypnosis database was added on the 25 June 2011)
  • 17 Nov 2011 - V2.7 Change of wording of some unlocking / installation notifications resulting in overall slight reduction in the number of notifications overall (Version number not incremented - does not affect unlocked users)
  • 2 Dec 2011 - V2.7 Corrected unlocking issue that would have resulted in a user notification box being hidden behind the unlocking window in cases where an outbound unlock code eMail was blocked and an alternative method of communicating the unlock code was attempted (Version number not incremented - does not affect unlocked users)
  • 22 Dec 2011 - Generated new DVD-CD installation solution to more fully automate installation of software and multimedia from DVD-CD
  • 3 Mar 2012 - Improved installation / download instructions
  • 8 Mar 2012 - V2.7 - Integrated the Vomit Kit emetophobia product (installation is not required but if the product is present it will appear in the Toolkit's list of programs)
  • 24 Feb 2014 - V2.8 - New icon and improved "My Desktop / My Programs" installation locations
  • 1 Oct 2014 - The Toolkit's DVD installation process was updated to show more of the installation process to the user and to reduce the need for the user to press any keys during the installation process.
  • 21 Mar 2015 - Update to facilitate installation on systems with Korean / Japanese / Chinese system character sets
  • 14 Oct 3015 - Minor update to registration module to assure stability
  • 4 Nov 2017 - Integration with online unlocking facility

Upgrade terms and terms of use are as per defined for each product. Generally this means that most upgrades / version updates are free of charge.

As a therapist it is your duty to use the right technique at the right time we do however provide assistance in the form of training notes.

The products included are as listed above. When new products are released they are generally added to the list of products within the Therapists Toolkit package.

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Licences available

One user per PC is permitted only - multiple users using the same machine must share a common Windows login.

  • Single user/PC or
  • Multi users/PCs in blocks of 5 users/PCs

Click here to view our generic End User Licence Agreement (EULA)

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