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The following training notes are based on Bill Frost's 'Technology and Computer Assisted Psychotherapy' Masterclass which is run in the UK periodically, and in other countries on licence with other presenters. (The course is based on Bill Frost's "Technology Assisted Psychotherapy" research paper).

Trauma Treatment via EMDR

Learn how to use EMDR Pro to treat traumas and the role of EMDR Home / Lite in post treatment self-support. More...

Stress and Anxiety Treatment

Learn how to use EMDR Pro, Low Frequency Audio, TFT, the Stress Manager and Swish Pro / Lite in the management and treatment of stress and anxiety. More...

Phobia and Fear Treatment

Learn how to use EMDR Pro, Map Across Phobias, Flooder, desensitisation audio and Swish in the treatment of phobias and fears. More...

Panic Treatment

Learn how to use EMDR Pro, Vivo, TFT and Swish in the treatment of panic attacks and panic disorder with or without agoraphobia. More...

Habit and Addiction Treatment

Learn how to use EMDR Pro, Map Across Aversion, Adult Entertainment Aversion and Flooder to help resolve habits and addictions. This includes eating control / compulsive Adult Entertainment viewing through to alcohol / drug cessation. More...

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