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The Main Interface

Interface Overview

The main interface (below) is displayed after "Accept" has been selected to accept the terms and conditions for using the software.

Most functions may be accessed in three ways:

  • Using the toolbar (File / View / ...)
  • Using the graphical interface when not in setup mode (Press the "ESC" key to switch between treatment and setup modes).
  • Using the keyboard shortcut keys (for some functions only)


  • FILE: Open / Save / Save as / Exit
  • VIEW: Fullscreen / Start-Stop / (Options)
  • etc

To access a toolbar option either move your mouse cursor over the item or press the ALT key and the highlighted letter (eg ALT F for the File menu.

GUI Graphical User Interface

The GUI is visible only when not in treatment mode. The two main types of control are track bars and scroll bars:

   Scroll bar: Click on the left / right arrows or click / hold / drag the central bar to adjust.

   Track bar: Click / hold / drag the central bar to adjust.

   Check box: Click once to check and again to uncheck.

The area below the GUI is used to display current file settings

  • Current user file
  • Current background sound
  • Current beep sound
  • Current ball / image file

These settings are not visible in treatment mode. (Press the "ESC" key to switch between setup and treatment modes).

The area at the bottom of the screen is used to display messages including revised settings when adjustments are made via the GUI and number of loops / iterations.

Scroll bars to the left and right of the screen control the horizontal track of the ball / image. The default setting is just below the middle of the screen (when maximised).

NB: The system is designed to be used in "maximised" windows mode only.

Keyboard Shortcuts

To display the keyboard shortcut menu press "Ctrl H". More...

(Press the "ESC" key to switch between setup and fullscreen modes).

Quick start tips

Press the "Preview" button followed by the "ESCAPE" key or press the "Space" bar followed by the "ESCAPE" key.

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