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Quick Menu - Basic Functions

The top most part of the user interface can be used to start or stop movement, switch between screen modes and to rapidly control movement.

Clock on "Preview" to commence movement when in setup view or press "Ctrl Z" when in fullscreen mode.

Press "Treatment Mode" or the "ESCAPE" key to switch between treatment and setup modes rapidly.

Main Options

Visual - Ctrl V

Tracks at the top of the screen.

Auditory - Ctrl A

Tracks in the middle of the screen.

Kinasthetic - Ctrl K

Tracks at the bottom of the screen.

KVr - Alt M/K / F9

Tracks from top right to bottom left

VcAd - Alt M/C / F10

Tracks from bottom left to top right

Cycle Motion - Ctrl Y

Cycles between the above modes in a loop. Click on the "Cycle Motion" button again to reset and prevent looping.

Elliptical check-box

The default tracking mode is elliptical. Left => Right then Right = Left.

Tracking from left to right is at a variable speed - slower when the object reaches the left and right hand sides in a smooth pendulum like motion.

The movement is in the form of a flattened ellipse. The extent to which the ellipse is flattened can be controlled by the scroll bar below.

Flat check-box

This is equivalent to the tracking style used by version 2.4. Tracking from left to right is at a fixed speed and is in a straight line.

Depth scroll bar

Determines the extent to which the ellipse is flattened. Has no effect when in other tracking modes.

Fixed position - Circular V(ertical) check-box

A tracking pattern in a circular top to bottom motion.

Fixed position - Circular H(orizontal) check-box

A tracking pattern in a circular right to left motion.

Fixed position - Circular check-box

A roughly circular tracking motion.

Fixed position - Orbital check-box

A tracking pattern in a circular right to left motion which takes the form of a fixed height ellipse.

Fixed position - Wave (1 and 2)

Wave patterns in sine and cosine formats. The height of the wave is controlled by the scroll-bar.

Fixed position - Figure of eight

A clockwise pattern in a figure of eight shape. The shape can be made smaller by moving the scroll-bar above. (Can be made smaller using the scroll-bar).

Refresh rate

In most circumstances this should be left at the maximum (fully to the right).

If you have a very high spec PC it may be necessary to slow the processing speed of the software down by reducing the refresh rate until movement is visible.

In vEMDR Pro 2.4 if you click on the "?" to the left of the "Refresh" slider bar the system will attempt to automatically calculate the optimum refresh rate. This function is optional and experimental in v2.4.


The speed of tracking from left to right. There is not a direct relationship between the value displayed in the message area at the bottom of the screen and time in seconds etc.

Loops (Sets / Iterations)

The number of times the image moves from left to right. One loop or iteration is a complete movement from left to right.

The current number of loops is displayed at the bottom of the screen in the message area.

When the maximum number of loops is hit all movement / beep audio will stop. Background audio will continue.


Sets the number of iterations to zero.

To enable infinity manually simply the number of loops to zero using the "Loop" slider.

Turbo check box (1 and 2)

By default the first of the two turbo check-boxes is selected. This setting should be suitable for most systems.

Deselect one or both check boxes to slow the system down (may be required with very high spec systems). Before doing so ensure that the speed scroll bar is fully to the left ie slowest.

There are two check boxes - clicking on both check-boxes with generate fast animation that uses most processing power. (Maximum animation frames per second).

If you have a slow system uncheck both check boxes.

Smooth (fast systems only)

If your system can cope with a great deal of processing as might be the case with a very high spec system then select this checkbox and notice any difference in animation smoothness. There may or may not be a change depending on your system and your graphics card. Speed should be unaffected if using a fast system. Avoid checking this box if you have a slow system.

Horizontal tracking

Scroll bars to the left and right of the screen control the horizontal track of the ball / image. The default setting is just below the middle of the screen.

NB: Changes take place when the tracking image next moves when you press eg the "Preview" button. When movement is present changes are immediate.

NB: The track of the ball / image will be just below a line between the positions of the two track bars.

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