Therapists Toolkit (Mac Bundle - 50+% Discount)

Instant download - 75 MB package file

Problem: You are a busy cost-aware professional psychotherapist or psychology educator with an Apple Mac and you want a variety of psychotherapy software tools to be instantly available to you in a few clicks.

Solution: The Therapist Toolkit for Macs package is discounted down to £77.75 / approx $127 USD or 87 Euros and includes all of our Mac software products. The cost prior to additional discounting is greater than £155 (254 USD / 174 Euros).

The Mac versions are simpler than their PC equivalents and consist of a variety of individual files that are installed as a folder of applications.

The Psychotherapists Software Toolkit for Macs

All of the following Neuro Innovations modules are included within the package.

NB The Therapists Toolkit for Mac package does differ from the PC / Windows package eg English language support only, EMDR Pro / Swish Pro / Tasker / Vivo / Bilat and other modules are excluded. The modules that have been included may have slightly less functionality than their PC equivalents. Also, please note that the terms and conditions for Mac sales differ from those that apply to PC sales. Click here for details...

EMDR Multi Pro (Mac OSX)

EMDR Multi Pro for Mac OSX is a simplified version of EMDR Pro. Use any image as the tracking image, use a background image, change background colours, select from preset tracking images and patterns, select from a variety of beep sounds or provide your own, select from a variety of background sounds or provide your own, and more... More...


EMDR Lite is a highly simplified form of computer based EMDR that guides a user through the EMDR process. Suitable as a method of demonstrating the EMDR treatment process. Includes a free web based version. More...

NLP Map Across: Smoking aversion

Links aversive stimuli with a smoking image. Includes medically aversive flooding utility More...

NLP Map Across: Eating aversion

Links aversive stimuli with foods. (Chocolate / chips / cake / sugar). More...

NLP Map Across: Drugs aversion

Links aversive stimuli with drug use images. (Joint / pipe / foil). More...

NLP Map Across: Alcohol aversion

Links aversive stimuli with alcohol images. (Wine). More...

NLP Map Across: Phobias / Fast Phobia Technique / Cure

Links safe / calming / silly stimuli (duck quacking) with a feared image. (Covers rodents / needles / spiders / social situations). Fast Phobia Module includes images covering snake, social, rodent (mouse) and spider phobias, and demonstrates the process for all other phobias using a white screen. More...

Virtual Flight

A slideshow multimedia simulation of the flying experience for flying phobia desensitization purposes. Consists of approx 100 high quality photographic images and associated flying audio including inflight announcements. The flight is broken down into 18 segments for ease of desensitisation. More...

NLP vSwish Lite

Guides the user through the NLP Swish pattern to change moods etc. More...

Vomit Kit - Emetophobia Desensitization Software

Enables gradual desensitisation to the sounds and images associated with vomiting and nausea. More...

Visual TFT

Guides the user visually through the process of using Thought Field Therapy (TFT) as used for anxiety reduction. More...

Shared Media Library: Online access

Online access is provided to the Shared Media Library.

The package is available via instant download as a 275 MB Apple Mac installation package.

How to purchase

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NB The terms and conditions for Mac sales differ from those that apply to PC sales. Click here for details...

Usage guidelines and software / technique training

A variety of guidelines and usage notes in terms of how to use the tools within the Mac Toolkit are available. More...

Installation Requirements

The system operates with the following versions of Apple Mac

  • Tested on OSX 10.3.9 / OSX 10.2.8 OSX / OSX 10.5 Leopard / OSX 10.6.7 Snow Leopard

Click here to test your system (dmg version)

The software does NOT support use in the Windows environment. (See Therapists Toolkit for Windows PCs)

Version History

  • 27 Jul 10 - V1.0 - Initial release

Upgrade terms and terms of use are as per defined for each product. Generally this means that most upgrades / version updates are free of charge.

As a therapist it is your duty to use the right technique at the right time we do however provide assistance in the form of training notes.

The products included within the package are as listed above.

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Licences available

One licence per Mac is permitted only.

Click here to view our generic End User Licence Agreement (EULA)

Existing client ADDITIONAL discount - Discount data updated 20 Dec 2011

Existing clients of Neuro Innovations can offset all of their past Mac product orders against the cost of the Therapists Toolkit for Macs with a maximum additional discount of 97%. All additional discounts have been calculated on an individual client by client basis. One discount per client is permitted and the discount may not be transferred to anyone else.

All of these custom orders are processed manually to ensure that the right person receives the right level of discount - up to 97%. As a result the download eMail will be manually sent within 24-48 hours of the purchase, often much sooner. The purchase needs to be made using the same PayPal eMail account that was used to make your original purchase(s).

To see how much the Therapists Toolkit for Macs has been discounted for you just enter the eMail address that you used when making your original payment(s) or the eMail address that we used when sending you unlock codes and press the "Get price" button below. (Not case sensitive). You could save up to up to 97%.

If your record appears to not exist when it should or you don't know which eMail address you used with PayPal then let us know and we will send you a link by eMail to access your discount.

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