EMDR Pro featured on BBC2's "Am I Normal" series

EMDR Pro software was briefly demonstrated on BBC2's "Am I Normal" series by therapist Bill Frost. The series, presented by Tanya Byron, sought to examine the concept of addiction and the various therapies used to treat addictions. The subject involved (a relative of the producer) was not "treated" as such and ongoing therapy beyond the brief demo was not possible.

There are a number of EMDR protocols that seek to assist in the treatment of "addictions" such as Popky's model. (See references below).

The word "addiction" is a broad term that is much overused these days and in many ways has little real meaning because of this broad application. None the less, in cases of substance abuse and chemical dependency (after detox) EMDR may be effective in terms of reducing associated internal bodily sensations and in terms of installing aversive responses.

Click here to view a video clip showing our EMDR Pro software demonstration on BBC2's "Am I Normal" presented by Tanya Byron. More... (Click here for non-broadband access)

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