EMDR Tapper tactile units
Used with EMDR Pro

EMDR Tapper - USB version Discontinued

Current research suggests that the most effective way in which tactile units can be used is with the eyes closed. We therefore currently recommend that standalone tactile units such as the TheraTapper from the DNMS Institute be used.

In our personal experience tracking at the bottom of the screen is as effective as using tactile units to access the Kinesthetic modality.

After a long period of research and development we have generated a sophisticated computer controlled EMDR tactile stimuli unit for use with EMDR Pro only. Our tactile units are hand-built in the UK to the highest possible standard of quality.

Tactile Units are designed for use by therapists and are available as an option with the Therapists Toolkit.

Key features include:

  • Fully USB powered and controlled (NB Cannot be used without a computer)
  • USB 1 and 2 compatible
  • Ability to control the duration of the tactile burst via your PC
  • Ability to control the intensity of the tactile burst via your PC (or via the controller unit, or via adjusters in each of the handheld devices)
  • Works with or without the presence of EMDR Pro (additional software is provided for use if EMDR Pro is not installed - see image to right)
  • Fully integrated into EMDR Pro (See menu to the below)
    • generates tactile sensations that are in sync with the on-screen movement
  • Tappers generate tactile stimulation in the form of a gentle vibration, some sound, and light via an LED sufficient to indicate which tapper unit is active (small variations in the sound / sensation between the two tactile units may be present but will have been adjusted to a less than 1% difference)
  • Tappers made of translucent blue plastic that is very hard wearing
  • Unplugable USB lead connector (USB lead not supplied)
  • Approx 3M / 9FT of cable between the controller box and the tappers
  • Works with XP [Tested], Vista [Tested] and Windows 7 [Tested] (98 and Windows 2000 on request)
  • Totally plug and play after driver installation - no ports to select, no serial to USB converters
  • Light weight and highly portable

NB: No other tactile unit from any source will function with EMDR Pro and the units require a computer to be present to operate them because they are USB powered.

Therapists Toolkit + EMDR Tactile unit bundle:

  • Therapists Toolkit which includes EMDR Pro licence
  • Controller with tappers and stand-alone software
    • Includes software to enable use without EMDR Pro
    • Package includes the Therapists Toolkit installation CDs which includes EMDR Pro, EMDR Multi Pro, our shared media library and our add-on multi-media library
    • Fast delivery eg to the USA in 4 days, next day for UK orders via Next Day Special Delivery

The controller unit (black box) and the two hand-held tappers (Click to enlarge)

Screen-shots showing the stand-alone software for use without EMDR Pro if required and the relevant menu in EMDR Pro


How to purchase

All sales are subject to our standard terms and conditions and end user software licence agreement. Making a purchase constitutes acceptance of both of the above.

Click here to purchase the Therapists Toolkit plus Tactile Units

PayPal is safe, secure and you do not need to have a PayPal account to pay by Credit Card.

Controller software update history

  • V1.0 - First release
  • V1.1 - 2 Feb 2010 - Change to enable silent reinstallation via autoupdate, improved handling of situations where the controller box is unplugged during pulsed operation
  • V1.2 - 17 Feb 2010 - New version released with updated drivers to support XP/Vista and now Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1
  • V1.3 - 24 Feb 2014 - Improved "My Desktop / My Programs" installation locations

Servicing / Recycling

Tactile Units - What if they get damaged and need repair / servicing?

The most likely thing to fail with the tactile units is the cable. The same is true of all electronic appliances eg MP3 player headphones. If you take care of the cable and avoid too much twisting the cable will last for a very, very long time. Cable damage is not covered by the guarantee.

If one or both of the blue tapper boxes stops working entirely or works intermittently (especially if there's a difference depending on the position of the cable) then there is cable damage within the cable itself.

The only resolution for this is to return the unit to us for repair. If you're pretty sure that it is the cable that needs to be replaced then you just need to send us the blue boxes - this reduces the cost of return. Always ensure that you use a trackable form of posting that at very least requires a signature on delivery. It's your responsibility to insure the delivery.

The discounted cost of cable replacement is 20 (Approx $30 USD) inclusive of parts and labour, excluding postage back to you via a secure means - you pay only for the actual cost of postage.

If the problem turns out not to be the cable then you will then need to send us the black controller box as well. We will then diagnose the issue and let you know the cost of repair so you can choose whether or not to proceed. If you don't choose to get the units repaired the policy below may then apply.

Tactile Unit Recycling Policy

If you have a damaged or broken set of Tactile Units we can buy them back off you depending on the extent of the damage and how much functionality remains. We will then refurbish and repair or reuse any undamaged components as appropriate.

The recycling process is as follows:

  1. Let us know the status of your units and the level of damage
  2. We will let you know if recycling is viable and how much cash-back you will get
  3. You post the units back to us (special delivery if UK based / International Recorded delivery if not UK based)
  4. We test the units to determine how many of the boxes are functional
  5. We send a payment to you via PayPal (Typically 5 GBP per operational box (black or blue) + up to 10 to cover your postage costs (must be insured + signed-for on delivery))

If you have any queries then do let us know.

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