Known issues / resolutions / comments by product and version history

Please let us know when anything does not function as expected - if we don't know about it we can't change it or fix it.

OS Issue: In early versions of Win98 (?not W98/SE/SP1?) with specific mouse drivers installed (Tecstorm optical) movement increases in speed when the mouse is moved, when in preview mode ie not full screen. Upgrade OS / use without the mouse / install different mouse drivers. Programatic solution not feasible due to lack of MS support for Win98. Resolved in part in V2.4 by stopping movement when "File Open / Save As" options are selected.
Wish: Currently the file filters for background audio are set to *.wav and *.* - it would be nice to have *.mp3 as well. This has actually been implemented in V2.1a+.
Wish: Could the image / object not appear in the middle of the screen but only at the extreme right and left - a pulsing effect. Yes. Easily. Will be implemented in the next maint version probably. Present in V2.4 - click on the check box marked 'bounce'.
Issue: Image locks at the right hand side when the image size is toggled rapidly as the image is moving. Resolved via V2.6.5 4-Jan-07.
Wish: As per the official EMDR protocol the client should not be led (as far as possible) - cognitions should be the client's hence displaying a reminder of the belief being installed is not beneficial. This function was removed in Version 2.2 - 19-8-04. Contact us if you really want / "need" this function for a 1 second work-around. Reinstated in V2.6.5 4-Jan-07 on request - it is the user's choice.
Wish: To display a background image (/ along with a beep) and be able to specify how long the image is displayed for Experimental partial resolution in V2.3 (Under the view menu). Transparency / performance issues hence experimental. Present as a fully functional feature in V2.4 - note that transparency is not fully honoured (a Microsoft limitation) ie when using a round gif background image with transparency enabled background colour transparency is honoured, image / object transparency is not honoured. Resolved in part in V2.4 by providing buttons to switch from a round image with a transparent background to a square image (hence no transparency required). To display a background image permanently simply set the left / right percent visible to maximum (ie 50 percent). Transparency issue resolved in V2.6.1 Jan 07.
Wish: To be able to alter the width / height of the image and to be able to save the image dimensions. Implemented in V2.?3? (new controls for width/height as well as the existing size control for flexibility / speed). Image dimensions now saved, with width / height taking precedence over size when reloaded.
Issue: When in cycle mode K seems to be skipped. It was being skipped. Corrected in V2.4
Wish: To stop all sound / movement when moving from full screen mode to options mode to fully honour the stop signal. Actioned in V2.4
Issue: The image / object breaks up a lot when moving. Resolution: Adjust the refresh rate in EMDR Pro. Assuming that your processor / graphics card can cope with animation then increase graphics hardware acceleration to the maximum. Start / Settings / Control Panel / Display / Settings / Advanced / W98 Performance or XP/W2000 Trouble Shooting / Hardware Acceleration fully to the right. Also consider reducing the size of the moving object or use a smaller background image filesize. Improved in V2.5 and V2.6.5 4-Jan-07.
Wish: For all sound / movement to stop when the application is minimized Actioned in V2.4 - background and beep sounds are paused - background media files playing in the background are not paused.
Issue: When infinity is checked / file saved / infinity unchecked / open file with eg 35 reps selected / file save / file open {file with infinity checked} = Error message - "invalid value 1000" Work around = check the infinity check box then reopen. Save with infinity unchecked to prevent the error message from appearing again. This issue has been resolved in V2.4 - when infinity is selected the target # of reps is set to 0 (which can never be attained, hence infinite). Similar types of error cannot occur in V2.6.5+ 4-Jan-07.
Wish: Square as well as round default image shapes Actioned in V2.4
Issue / wish: If an image file has been deleted and a settings file is reloaded the onscreen object reverts to a black image with a red background - stated as being an intentional function in the help files to provide an onging warning that the image was not reloaded. Actioned in V2.4 - if an image is missing / unloadable a black square is loaded - the red warning background colour is still displayed but is removed when another (valid) image is selected.
Question: What is "refresh rate" V "speed"? "refresh rate" is the number of milliseconds (1 to 100) between recalculation and therefore redrawing of screen objects. "Speed" is the amount of movement between refreshes. Adjusting the two values (along with image size) should result in a smooth movement. The two ways of making adjustments enable EMDR to operate on hardware that is not well suited to animation. With slower processor speeds there are some advantages to setting the refresh rate at 100 ms (as slow as possible) because the processor needs time to perform calculations. The maximum refresh rate has been increased in V2.4, the default image size has been reduced and the default speed has been increased. Additionally the processing required to action the animation has been made more efficient due to the increased functionality (faster / simpler). To simplify this even more a new function to automatically calculate the most appropriate refresh rate for the system that the program is running on has been included in V2.4 Also in V2.4 the basic speed of animation / movement has been increased many fold. Movement is now much faster and much smoother. Refresh rate really no longer applies since V2.6.5 Jan 07.
Wish: Could you give us access to image files etc used by other users? Actioned July 05 - a cut down version of the library used by Bill Frost (Changing States) and other users is now present on the installation CD - about 300 MB of files. Since V2.6.5 4-Jan-07 more background images have been included in the downloadable file.
Wish June 05: How about a printed manual and how about updating the help file in the system? Actioned Jan 06: - part of V2.4.1 initially (small increase in download size by 150K due to the increased number of images in the chm help file) - ongoing review via this site (see resources page)
Wish / Issue Jan 06: Is there a way to unload background audio sounds? Actioned Jan 06: New background audio "Clear" button in v2.4.1
Wish Dec 05: Could the object pause at the left / right hand sides briefly? Actioned Jan 06: New bounce pause function slider-bar in v2.4.1
Wish / Issue Jan 06: How do I stop / unload beep sounds? By setting the volume to 0 - fixed in v2.4.1 with a "clear" button
Request Nov 05: I know that control is necessary but the unlocking process seems a bit complicated, could you please simplify. Actioned Jan 06 - part of V2.4.1 - no need for an unlock file to be copied manually - just enter your unlock code and go. There is also no need to re-enter an unlock code when you install upgrades.
Observation Jan 06: You still have the old contact details (ie hotmail etc) from when the system was "shareware" in the unlock / about windows Actioned Jan 06 - part of V2.4.1. Link to website and eMail made clickable in V2.5.
Wish Jan 06: When an .avi file is loaded the "fullscreen" mode is automatically activated - but only with .avi files. Was this as intended? Was this as originally intended ie in the origninal spec for the system - however, we can see that this might be confusing so now if you want "fullscreen" mode you will need to press the "fullscreen" button - actioned as part of V2.4.1
Wish: Would like to pan background loops as the object tracks from left to right Actioned 4/6/06 - part of V2.4.2
Issue: Sometimes when playing a video and not "fullscreening" the video sub window remains on-screen Actioned 6/6/06 - part of V2.4.2a (Can still be playing - so you can have the audio running but with the video part hidden from view)
Version 2.8 issues

V2.8.5 - 22 Mar 07 - An issue associated the the clear beep audio function was resolved. When clearing beep audio the background audio would have been muted.

V2.8.6 - 23 Mar 07 - An issue associated with tracking was resolved. Percentage display of the background image was resticted to when transparency was enabled.

EMDR Lite V1.1 12/April/06 This product is no longer supported as such in order to focus developers time onto EMDR Pro. A few final changes were made to EMDR Lite in April 06 to enable the speed to be changed and a better beep.

7/Nov/06 despite being non-supported since 12/April/06 a minor changes were actioned to ensure that the product would operate with Adobe Flash Player Version 9. As part of this update the original much simpler version of EMDR Lite was also included.

5/Jan/07 the approach used to generate animation substantially changed and an online preview version was released.

vMap Across (all types) / Fast Phobia Cure Technique
Typo: & and "and" - repeated. Known. To be corrected with routine updates. Most of these instances have now been corrected - please let us know if we have missed any.
Wish: Could you please add a module to cover hypodermic needle phobia? Actioned via a free upgrade version - Aug 04 (Download / uninstall old version (Start / Settings / Add Remove Program / Remove) install new version)
Wish: Could you please add a module to cover social phobia? Actioned via a free upgrade version - Dec 07 (Download / uninstall old version (Start / Settings / Add Remove Program / Remove) install new version)
Wish: Could this phobia treatment concept be extended to include the NLP Fast Phobia Cure Technique? Actioned via a free upgrade version - May 08 (Download / uninstall old version (Start / Settings / Add Remove Program / Remove) install new version)
Could you increase the number of smoking related images? Actioned: Medically aversive flooding utility added and a version in which multiple cigarette pack images can be selected at will was released.
I want a version that allows me to select my own images and audio Actioned via a new product - vMA Aversion

vSwish / vSwish Pro
Wish: For the user to be able to specify their own Swish images. This facility is now present in the basic version of vSwish and has always been present in the free "pro" version.

Dot Net Framework / Installation
Issue: Not a valid exe Download corruption. Re-download or install from CD. Always download the version from this site.
Issue: Why do I need the .Net Framework at all? Ask Bill Gates! For the moment it's required for all or most products developed using the latest versions of the MS development suite.
Comment: Why no uninstall file? To uninstall click on Add/Remove Programs. This approach is much safer than building OS specific uninstall scripts that leave too much debris behind / just plain don't work. Add / Remove programs in combination with the installer / uninstaller supplied is the best / safest / cleanest option.

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