Terms and conditions of purchase

MP3/WMA/... Audio

As with all hypnotherapy audio products never use when driving or operating a machine of any kind.

MP3 files are not supplied with MP3 players.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have software to play the audio files. We use standard audio codecs for all files.

If diagnosed with a psychiatric condition such as psychosis, or if diagnosed with clinical depression, or if obese (unless purchasing a weight control product), or if you have a psychosexual issue consult with Changing States prior to purchase. (You may be advised to select a different product in some circumstances).

Software / Hardware

If requested software is provided on an installation CD that is generally sent within 24 hours of payment confirmation from PayPal.

Downloads are available for most products. After purchase an email will be sent to you containing URLs to enable you to download the products that you have purchased. If you want an installation CD please add to your shopping cart.

After installation you must register each product by entering unlock codes as per instructions in each product or as otherwise advised. Given that most of our products are forms of software based training, we do not provide periods. Further distribution is not permitted - the licence is for 1 user, 1 PC/Mac. There are discretionary additional limits in place in terms of the number of codes provided over time to prevent licence abuse. More about additional unlock codes...

Most of our software products are instantly consumable forms of software based training; therefore refunds will only be provided in cases where the functionality within the product very substantially and verifiably differs from the detailed product specs published on this site. Refunds will also not be provided for discontinued, discounted products, bundles, audio products, online access products, Mac based products (apart from EMDR Multi Pro / Home) or in instances where an issue cannot be replicated, after unlocking, or in cases where an installation CD has been sent that includes the multimedia library, or in cases where the PayPal refund time-limit has been exceeded. Any refunds provided shall not include postage costs. In cases where a refund is not viable, on a once-off basis, a licence transfer to an alternative equal value product may be offered in some situations.

Requests to address anomalies / bugs / errors will be actioned as soon as possible. Requests to action "wish list" change requests will be considered for implementation and may be actioned if the change would benefit other users.

In order to qualify for a refund any hardware supplied must be returned in pristine condition. All hardware is tested just prior to shipping and a code that is unique to the purchasing user is written electronically into the device. Refunds shall not include postage costs.

Given that not all psychological techniques work for all people all of the time we make no guarantee that desired psychological effects will be attained. We do guarantee that each product will be essentially as per the detailed description for that product on this site.

Approximated currency conversions are approximate and do not represent legally binding cost quotations. We endeavour to ensure that cost estimates in currencies other than GBP are as accurate as possible. Postage and packaging costs are included after checkout.

Click here to view our generic End User Licence Agreement (EULA)


Where figures are provided in terms of numbers of media files present online or on installation CD/DVDs these are estimates. The number of files present will vary over time - typically the number of files will increase over time. Functionaility in some products may also vary between different operating systems.

WIthin the Toolkit bundle products may be removed or added to the bundle at any time.


Web Shop prices may vary at any time but will always be 4% greater than the price listed in the "payment by cheque" form.


All financial / personal details are handled by PayPal's highly secure servers (PayPal (Europe) Ltd. is regulated by the Financial Services Authority in the United Kingdom as an electronic money institution. PayPal FSA Register Number: 226056.)

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