Coca-cola 'Addiction': Cessation

Suggested treatment plan via hypnotherapy / EMDR / NLP

Products Involved

- EMDR Pro (+Tappers)
- EMDR Multi Pro
- EMDR Home / EMDR Lite
- Bilat

- EMDR Pro
- EMDR Multi Pro
- Flooder
- Swish
- Instant Audio
- Low Frequency Audio
- Relaxation Audio
- Instant Audio

- Map Across Aversion
- Flooder
- Swish
- Instant Audio

- EMDR Pro
- EMDR Multi Pro
- Flooder
- Swish
- Relaxation Audio
- Stress Manager

- Tasker

Aversion eg via EMDR

Agreement to use aversion / EMDR

Agree complete cessation of coke consumption

  • Scale desire to drink coke (0-10)
  • EMDR
    • Images of coke / Aversive images interspersed
    • Vomiting audio
  • Optional: At the same time provide a commentary eg "No desire drink coke, no matter how you're feeling, ....".
  • Periodically re-rank desire to drink coke
  • Loop until scale halved or less than 3

Trigger Desensitisation eg via EMDR

Process each trigger seperately eg walking by the soft-drinks area in a supermarket. Scale the level of urge periodically.

Reinforce positive belief via EMDR

A relevant positive belief might be "I can enjoy life without coca-cola". Rank the belief periodically on the VOC scale (0=false - 7=true).

Hypnotherapy / relaxation techniques / tasking / CBT

  • Identify limiting belief(s)
  • Induction
  • Deepener
  • Stop binging
  • Healthy Eating
  • Empower positive beliefs
  • Strong ego boost
  • Awaken

Teach one or more relaxation techniques (eg some form of rapid daily use self-hypnosis eg slow countdown + nasal breathing + saying the word calm with each outbreath).


  • Teach anchoring
  • Teach approaches to reinforce positive beliefs
  • Teach approaches to manage self-talk including thought stopping
  • Positive future templating in the imagination (rehearsal of future situations)

Tasking: Use relaxation technique on a daily basis to deal help manage any cravings. Use anchor when required. Continue positive future templating eg when doing self-hypnosis. Encourage initial avoidance of trigger situations. Consider diary keeping.

NB EMDR Pro - Multiple background images

  • Click on "Add BG"
  • Navigate to Foods / Coke
  • Select multiple images holding the control key down
  • Click on "open"
  • Click on "Add BG"
  • Navigate to Aversive
  • Select multiple images holding the control key down
  • Click on "open"

Click on the green text to the right of "BG Image" in the middle of the screen

Change the display order to intersperse the aversive images then click on "Save"

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