EMDR Pro User Shared Resources Area

The resources below represent a subset of the shared user library that we provide on the installation CD. To save space we have not uploaded some folders. The overall size of the library is about 350 MB so far. This includes audio, image and video files - about 50% of the files present on our installation CD.

Terms and conditions:

  1. The EMDR Pro resource area enables you to access resources that other therapists and users have found to be useful.
  2. When uploading files to share with other users (now live) you must ensure that the files are appropriate (nothing illegal or too offensive please), in the public domain and not too large (less than 6 MB is OK). (Virus checking is automatic but you should ensure that you do not upload anything containing a virus).
  3. These resources are only to be shared between EMDR Pro users for the purpose of use within EMDR Pro.
  4. Sometimes content may be present that may portray potentially traumatic events - so don't be suprised or offended.
  5. No bulk downloading eg using a bulk downloading program.

Your userID / password is not the same as your download userid / password and is sent to you in unlock eMails.

Click here to access the resources area if you accept the above

File naming conventions used eg "man sitting on bench white bg med.jpg":

  • short description followed by
  • white bg = white background
  • trans = gif with transparency enabled
  • ani = animated gif
  • small = small (width 100 - 500 or so)
  • med = medium (width 500 - 800 or so)
  • large = large (width 800 + or so)

Images in folder named "small" are specifically designed for use as tracking objects.

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