Misc technical issues and annoyances

Excel VBA macros in Home Vista MS Office Excel

Somewhat annoyingly Excel Visual Basic macro recording / editing has vanished in Home Vista Microsoft Office Excel. To get them back you need an Excel 97 workbook that already has at least one Excel VBA macro already in it.

Formmail 403 forbidden error when submitting a webform (Mar 11 2009)

The error message is generated when browsing via Opera with "Send referrer information" disabled in preferences. Probably also occurs with ZoneAlarm in stealth mode and other 'privacy' firewalls. Know to occur with 1and1 hosted servers, there is an underscore in the .pl filename or similar - example below:

  • example using FormMail Version 3.09c1
  • v1_1_1_ab_formmail.pl

CHMOD rights on the cgi-bin folder and .pl file are correctly at 755 and all paths are correct in the calling html file and the .pl code, in other browsers the form submits perfectly, formmail validation eg required fields does not have a chance to be run, htaccess overriding of the error (putting up a meaningful message) does not work.

  • Error 403 - Forbidden
  • You tried to access a document for which you don't have privileges.

Solution: This is easy - just remove the underscores and rename the .pl file to the same filename but without the underscores. This may not be effective for everyone but certainly worked for at least one of our clients. The cause could have been the underscores or the filename length.

  • Create a copy of v1_1_1_ab_formmail.pl called formmail111.pl (whatever - no underscores)
  • CHMOD formmail111.pl to 755
  • Update your html code (see below)

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