Excel VBA Automation

Typical uses

Automated generation of web code

Financial applications

eMail marketing automation

Automated surveys

Generating automated reports eg web based

Project management automation

Data / database / data list cleaning (very effective!)

Any repetitive task...

Excel remains a very powerful business tool - one could argue that business would not be what it is today without Excel / spreadsheets in general. Yet most organisations invest vast sums of money in developing new systems in circumstances where a simple Excel solution would be far more appropriate.

In the early days we had spreadsheet formulae, then the ability to record macros - now we have Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). It is a powerful development language in its own right and is perfectly suited to the task of automating simple business processes.

If you think that VBA can only handle a few basic programmatic concepts you would be mistaken - it is a powerful development language in its own right and is perfectly suited when a rapid solution is required.

To access the VBA development environment within Excel press Alt and F11. To start new procedure enter "sub test" then press enter. Excel should add "end sub" automatically. You can then copy and paste the following snippets, pressing the "Run" button that the top of the screen to run your test procedure. NB work on a blank worksheet.

VBA Code Examples

Loop through a sheet

Write to a text output file

Read from a text file

Select sheet / range / cell

Do something with a selection

Run code on opening the sheet

Get feedback - messagebox and inputbox

Write to a cell / read from a cell

Replace some text in a cell

Logic - it then else

Full VBA Examples

Here are a few code-snippets to show you some of the things that VBA can do for you:

This example shows looping and accessing an external text file (loading the entire textfile into a memory based array would have been more efficient)

  • Open a text file containing a list of company names
  • Find the column titled "company name"
  • Find the next available free column also
  • Hilite matches between the external list of company and the list in your spreadsheet
  • Diplay a message when done

This example generates an html report containing contacts for a company / address.

A simple utility to group and outline eg similar company records

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