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An emulation of the flooding effect using a few "beach" images.

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Problem: Compulsive "adult entertainment" viewing has become as prevalent as the presence of "adult entertainment" on the internet. Those experiencing issues with compulsive "adult entertainment" viewing may spend many hours per day viewing adult material and their behaviour may well be affecting work and relationships. As an issue it can be difficult for psychotherapists to help patients to moderate simply because of the easy availability of the material.

Solution: "Virtual Adult Entertainment Aversion" uses multimedia based aversion therapy to help in the treatment process whereby "adult entertainment" images are interspersed within a stream of aversive images and sounds. This intense approach is known as aversive flooding.

NB: Currently this software product is available for Windows only (Mac conversion is pending).

What does "Adult entertainment aversion" do in detail?

38 "adult entertainment" images are displayed evenly within a stream of approx 58 aversive images. Each image is displayed for between 1 and 2 seconds in total including the motion of the image onto the screen.

The "adult entertainment" images consist of highly explicit images of various forms of heterosexual and lesbian sexual acts.

The aversive images are in two categories:

  • Simple aversive images - (22) dog / human / sheep excreta, cockroaches, slugs, vomit, snails, rotting rats, decomposing rabbit, maggots, flies, raw fish, fish guts, ash tray cigarette stubs
  • Sex / reproduction associated aversive images - (36) groin infection, childbirth, vaginal prolapse, animal genitalia (rhino / goat / horse / pig / zebra), syphilitic sores, thrush inflammation, vaginitus inflammation, genital warts

As the images are flooded onto the screen aversive audio is also played. The audio consists of:

  • Aversive - Vomiting, flies, coughing, retching
  • "Adult entertainment" - Sounds associated with intercourse

The overall effect is that aversive stimuli are present far more than "adult entertainment" stimuli with the intention of reducing or eliminating the desire to view "adult entertainment" materials, or providing an outlet to do so that is unpleasant and undesirable.


Clearly this software product has the capability to offend if the material is viewed by anyone that is offended by strongly aversive or very sexually explicit images / sounds.

Given the nature of the materials displayed, this product is available only to those that are 18+. To reduce the possibility of accidental running the user is required to confirm that they are 18+ each time the software is run.

For this reason we are not providing screenshots on this web page.

Therapists: Treating compulsive "adult entertainment" viewing

It should be recognized that not all forms of "adult entertainment" viewing have deep seated underlying issues or causes, in many cases the issue will be simple habitual behaviours that have developed over time. "adult entertainment" viewing may or may not include masturbatory behaviours.

If deep seated underlying issues are present then these should be worked through at an early stage during the treatment process. The "adult entertainment" viewing behaviour will probably remain until the underlying causes are dealt with. Possible contenders include:

  • Anxiety / stress
  • Relationship issues - eg lack of intimacy / relationship conflict / fear of relationships / social phobia or anxiety / assertiveness / ...
  • Psychosexual issues - eg fear of impotence requiring frequent convincers of continued erectile response
  • Workplace issues - eg typically a lack of assertiveness when experiencing boredom at work
  • Underlying trauma
  • ...

In all cases careful consideration should be given to the nature of the goal / outcome state. Moderation and abstinence are both viable goals depending on the individual. Abstinence as a goal should be made as specific as possible eg "never visiting an 'adult entertainment' website" rather than "never looking at 'adult entertainment'".

Aversion can be used early in the treatment process to help break simple habitual behavioral patterns or later in the treatment process having worked through some of the underlying issues. When targeting control as the outcome a period of abstinence may still be advantageous to help break habitual responses.

When using aversive approaches care should be taken to ensure that the aversive response is applied only to eg internet based images and videos. This can be achieved by reiterating the agreed goal prior to using aversive approaches.

Practical actions should also be considered eg putting in place parental controls and not making a note of the password.

Installation Requirements

The system operates with the following versions of Windows:

  • Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP Media Centre Edition 2005
  • Windows XP (Home or Pro)
  • Windows NT 4 (With service pack 6a or later applied)
  • Windows ME
  • Windows 2000 (With service pack 2 or later applied)
  • Windows 98
  • MAC compatibility depends on the level of Windows emulation installed for PC version

The software does support use on Netbooks..

Version History

  • V1.0 - 30 Oct 2010 - Initial release
  • V1.2 - Changed installation with opt-in
  • V1.2 - 11 Sept 2012 - Windows: Full use is now made of the available screen area even if in widescreen mode
  • V1.3a - 24 Feb 2014 - New icon and improved "My Desktop / My Programs" installation locations
  • V1.3b - 21 Mar 2015 - Update to facilitate installation on systems with Korean / Japanese / Chinese system character sets
  • V1.4 - 21 Jan 2018 - Optional online generation of unlock codes added


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Glossary: adult entertainment aversion software, adult entertainment desensitisation, flooding software, aversion, sensitization, implosion therapy, abuse self help, multiple stimulus aversive presentation

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