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Flying phobia desensitisation images and video files

Preview (Easyjet Flight)

A collection of 90 good quality jpg images and 2 video files covering all parts of the flying experience including:
  • terminal building
  • check-in boards
  • check-in desks
  • check-in queues
  • terminal shops
  • planes on tarmac
  • departure lounge
  • departure gate and queues
  • boarding
  • take-off (2 video files in avi format)
  • inside aircraft
  • clouds / mountains
  • stowing hand luggage
  • safety demonstration
  • view from seat
  • food trolly
  • disembarking
  • baggage collection

These images are available in 800 by 600 pixels jpg format within a zip file and are available for instant download after purcahse. (Approx 3 Mb). The video files are also zipped and are in avi format (Approx 30 Mb). (£9.99 GBP).

Suitable for any form of desensitisation therapy including CBT and EMDR based approaches. Very suitable for use with 'EMDR Pro' and 'Flooder'.

The licence for these images and video files is "for individual use", for use with any Neuro Innovations' software product and excludes integration into any other product regardless of media.

Click here to purchase as an instant download...

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